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The Community Clean Up Connection is your one stop resource for reporting concerns about areas that need sprucing up, providing tips about littering behaviors, or asking your questions about recycling, curbside set out, or other waste, recycling, and litter matters!

Have you seen someone littering? Contact us! Try to be as specific as possible, including date, time, location, objects discarded, and a description of the litterer – including a license plate if a vehicle is involved!

Did you come across an area of litter or debris? Contact us! Give us all of the details that you can, including location and the type of hazard you have observed. This might be everyday litter, cigarette butts, overgrown weeds or fallen limbs, or even graffiti. If possible, text or email a photo of the site to us.

Are you confused about what goes into your recycling bin? Do you have items that can’t be placed at the curb but aren’t sure how to dispose of them? We can help! Contact us with your questions!

Keeping Rome Beautiful is a group effort. Contact us via our direct phone line, or through our online reporting form. We will make every effort to respond to your tip or inquiry within 48 hours. Together, we can do beautiful things!

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